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1201 Rentals

Available to rent for your next event, workshop, meeting, or celebration!

The Theater

This space is perfect for a sizable event that entails an intimate setting.

The theater includes both the foyer and the theater room.

Seating varies depending on the type of event held in the space.

If set in rows, approaching 90 can be seated.

Tables may be closer to 50 seats. 

Approximately 70 padded chairs, 1 sofa, 2 lounge chairs, 4 café tables, and 2 high tops included. 

Available hourly

Stage, lights, and sound – included

Projector and Presentation Software – additional

Live Stream Event or Record Event – additional

The Creative Space

The creative space offers a comfortable meeting style room for smaller gatherings. 

Seating varies depending on type of event.

Typically set in a casual environment you will sit approximately a dozen people.

If you set in rows, could possibly approach seating for 20.

2 loveseat sofas, chairs, and meeting tables included.

Television is available that can be used as a display.


Available hourly 

Engineer for display – additional


Available to view by appointment

The Podcast Studio

Our podcast room is an industry standard, professional space that allows for audio podcast production. 

4 chairs, 4 microphones, and a host table available. 

Television is available that can be used as a display.

Available hourly - including an audio engineer.


Available to view by appointment

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