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Mission and Vision

“To engage the community through social entrepreneurship and the arts.”

“For every person who walks in the doors of 1201 to find belonging and acceptance.”

Our Story

CG Community Development is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2006. We were able to impact our community in a small way but today, the organization has a place to call home.  The Venue at 1201 has become a space to hold community engagement events, lessons, classes and workshops.  It is a place where we collaborate and find community.

We desire for every person who walks in the doors of 1201 to find a place of belonging and acceptance, education and inspiration, and community.


Why do we do what we do?

-To help others feel a sense of community and belonging.

-To positively affect culture. 

-To provide others opportunities to give back.

-To build a legacy of community that is healthier than when we began

-To add value to the lives individuals that we connect with 

-To instill confidence and skill into those we train and raise up

How do we do that?

-Music, art lessons, and classes

-Workshops and events

-Community, business, and nonprofit partnerships

-Weekly business referral group





The Boss / Founder & Executive Director

Kelly is a teaching artist for piano and voice as well as working on developing a community where 'creatives' can thrive.



The Creative Curator

Known as the Hostess with the Mostest, Jeanette develops in house events to bring the community together through art and connection.



Social Entrepreneurship Program Director

Vince brings to the organization years of experience of helping people in need.

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