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Our Mission:

“To engage the community through social entrepreneurship and the arts.”

CG Community Development's objectives are met through meaningful programming that:

-   Connects people to the arts and to each other by providing a space for instruction and collaboration.

-   Improves artistic, academic, and entrepreneurial skills.

-   Empowers intellect and self-worth.

-   Creates a sense of acceptance and belonging.


The Vision:

“For every person who walks in the doors of 1201 to find belonging and acceptance.”

Our Story

CG Community Development is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2005. The nonprofit met in various locations such as Common Grounds coffee shop and The Bamboo Room. Today, the organization has a place to call home, the 1201 building. The building provides various spaces to hold community engagement events, lessons, and workshops.

We desire for every person who walks in the doors of 1201 to find a place of belonging and acceptance. Offering support and a space for individuals to share their skills and talents allows for not only self-development and growth but community development. 

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