Creative Arts is Common Ground Community Development's instructional arts program. Our goal is to impart the arts, empower intellect, and train life-long musicians.
Currently, we offer private and group lessons at an affordable rate for piano, guitar, voice, bass, jazz guitar, ukulele, sax, violin, and drums.

Classes and lessons are available for all ages.

PRIVATE INSTRUMENTAL and VOICE LESSONS                  ANNUALLY                 MONTHLY.                             

30-min. lesson                                                                    $1308                       $109

45-min. lesson                                                                    $1788                       $149

60-min. lesson                                                                    $2268                       $189

REGISTRATION FEE - Initial fee - One per Family                        $35

Books and materials as needed.                                          

Creative Arts offering 48 lessons and two recital showcases annually. Lessons are once per week, excluding holidays. 

Holidays observed are as followed:
- One week of March for Spring Break 
- Week of Thanksgiving
- Last two weeks of December

Most months during the year have four weeks, though some months may have five or three weeks. We divide the 48 lessons in the year by 12 months and charge for four lessons every month regardless of how many weeks are in the month. Because of the four weeks off each calendar year are built into the monthly tuition, the lessons these weeks will not be credited or rescheduled.


Automatic Debit: You may use the Automatic Debit Plan for all payment plans. This is the most convenient way to pay for lessons.  This authorizes us to charge your credit or debit card for each payment on the 1st of each month.

Prepay discount: There will be a 10% discount for those prepaying for the full year by the students first lesson.


     When a student signs up for private lessons or classes, he/she is paying for a specific lesson time slot. Since this time slot is reserved for that particular student and no other student can be booked during that time, payment of a lesson is due even when the student is not able to attend. Due to the high volume of students each instructor has and, although, we make every effort to make up missed lessons, if cancelation notice is less than 24 hours, it is at the discretion of the instructor to offer a make-up lesson.

     In the event that an instructor is absent for any reason, a make-up lessons will be offered to the student.  If a student absence is unavoidable, the student is requested to notify the instructor directly as a courtesy. 

     Please have your child arrive on time for their lessons. If a student arrives late, the instructor is unable to extend the lesson, and lessons will end at the student's scheduled time. Arriving on time maximizes your investment into your child.  If you are running late, please contact your Instructor so that he/she knows to wait for you.  Otherwise,Instructors will wait for a student for one third of the lesson time before starting another lesson or leaving.

     Though this attendance policy may seem strict, it is quite standard among reputable music schools.  We find it to be the best way to student attendance and learning.

     Students enrolled in lessons are expected to behave in the same manner they would in any other educational setting. This includes respect for the facilities and the personal property of others and mutual respect for all students, faculty and personnel. 


     Supervision cannot be provided for younger students before or after their lessons. Parents should wait with their children and/or attend the lessons. 


Kelly Olive, Director 
Instruments:  Voice and Piano

Kelly Olive is the director of Creative Arts Academy.  She has taught  piano and voice lessons for over 18 years specializing in customizing lessons to each individual. She can teach the note method and by ear expanding the horizons of what it means to be a 'well-rounded musician'.  Kelly has a passion to train life-long musicians and an incredible ability to tap into the creativity of each individual student to help them become the best they can be. 

Kirstyn Almeida

Instrument:  Piano

Kirstyn loves to teach students of all ages by creating an atmosphere where basics are key.  She focuses on establishing a strong foundation in music theory so that each lesson builds on the next. With her background in early childhood education, she understands how to make technique and theory accessible to even the youngest of learners. She is a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University.  In addition to piano, Kirstyn plays the guitar and sings.  She can be found performing at local open mics and and in her church band.  

Gracie Schreffler 
Instrument:  Voice and Guitar; Gracies Little Groovers

Gracie began singing in choirs at age 5 and feels a special connection to Lake Worth Beach as she attended theater camps at the Lake Worth Playhouse. Gracie began songwriting and performing as a soloist at age 17 both in public venues as well as at church. With her background in education and helping children with special needs, Gracie is especially passionate about empowering young people with music as a tool to overcome adversity. As a vocal instructor, Gracie values and encourages daily practice, breath work, and teaching the student to embrace their individual voice. You can find Gracie performing in the community with her acoustic folk and soul project, Grace Roots.

Nicole Allen
Instruments:  Piano, Voice, Flute

Nicole is a graduate from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a degree in Music Education and a Masters Degree from Florida Atlantic University in English.  She has been immersed in music from a young age, teaching piano from her early teens.  Nicole has several years experience in choral directing, band leading, and worship team leadership.  She customizes her teaching to the individual student with patience, creativity and expertise.

Mark Beaupre
Instrument: Drums/percussion

Mark has been playing drums for over 20 years.   He has a way of connecting with students to get them excited about drums and to keep them learning.   He is not only an instructor but he is also a performer.  He actively plays with his current band, his church, and anywhere else he can!

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