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TEACHER FEATURE: Gracie Schreffler

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Next up in our Teacher Feature segment, Gracie Schreffler. Let's get to know her a little bit more by asking her a few questions.

What do you teach?

I teach voice and beginner guitar.

What is your biggest passion about teaching?

My biggest passion is motivating students to keep pursuing their instrument and talents. In the beginning, learning an instrument can be a discouraging process because it not only requires practice but, with guitar, it can involve pain! There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing a student gain confidence in their abilities and see their hard work pay off. We never know how the talents we work to develop could enable us to be an inspiration to someone else in the future. That’s why I believe music education is for everyone; we may not all grow up to be professional musicians, but there is always a way to use our musical gifts in our communities!

What do you do in the realm of the arts outside of teaching?

Outside of teaching guitar and voice lessons, I use music in the classroom as a Kindergarten Tutor. Singing is a great tool to encourage language development and build a sense of community in the classroom. I also perform and songwriter for my own enjoyment and I love to share my gift of music in church settings; Music takes on a new level of meaning for me in that setting. It becomes a way to connect to others and connect spiritually in a unique way.

Favorite ‘teaching moment’?

My favorite teaching moments are always the ones when I see a student’s face light up because they sing something they never thought they could or they play something with a newfound ease!

Fun Facts!

Coffee, donuts and dogs!! These are a few of my favorite things!


Gracie is an innovative, creative musician that we love to have as a part of the teaching team. She has a way of making a student feel confident as they accomplish their musical goals.

You can learn more about Gracie Schreffler and her music on her website -

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