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TEACHER FEATURE : Kirstyn Almeida!

Meet Kirstyn Almeida. She is one of the talented teaching artists with our Creative Arts Academy program and this month’s spotlight.

We had the chance to get to know Kirstyn more. Now it's your turn! Discover some of her answers below.

What do you teach?

I teach piano to children and teens.

What is your biggest passion about teaching?

I love teaching music because I am giving my students something they will have for a lifetime. When I look back on my childhood I am forever thankful that I learned piano.

Music is powerful and therapeutic and a great way to express oneself.

What do you do in the realm of the arts outside of teaching?

I discovered a passion to sing only five years ago and have been singing with Common Ground Church’s worship band ever since!

Favorite ‘teaching moment’?

Watching my students cross the bridge of learning how to play music to making music their own.

Fun Facts!

I was inspired to learn how to play piano as a child because I saw a calendar picture of a cat lying on top of a piano. My childhood dream has come true as my cat Shasta likes to lay on my piano when I play! I have a bachelors degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University and am currently working on my Masters. I am married and mommy to three beautiful........ cats!


Kirstyn has an amazing way of teaching younger students and helping them to connect to the music in a fresh way. If you want to experience having Kirstyn as your teaching artist, let us know! Visit our Lessons page for all the info!

Congratulations on being our TEACHER FEATURE of the month Kirstyn! We are so happy to have you on our team!

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