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Interest meeting January 3, 10am

11-17 years     Wednesdays, 8:45-9:45
  Do you want to better understand the stories you experience in books, films, and other media? Do you want to better understand your own story, and how to communicate it? Have you always wanted to write a story but didn’t know where to start?  

  In Storytelling 101, you will learn to master the art of storytelling. You will get to cultivate storytelling skills and analysis, while also developing your communication/listening skills, literacy, and the arts. You’ll also learn how telling your own story can help you think through the kind of story you want for your life. With this class, you’ll be on your way towards telling and living a meaningful story with a chance to share their story at an end of session showcase.  

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8-17 years    Wednesdays 10:00-11:00

Do you love to talk? Do you wish more people would listen to what you have to say?  In this class, you will learn how to become a more skillful communicator. We will create a real life podcast episode that will be released via the Studio at 1201’s podcasting platform through Speak Easy Studios. The podcast will be a final project that helps you fine-tune your speaking skills, while giving you a chance to let your voice be heard all over the world, perhaps even inspiring others along the way! 


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Unleash Your Creative Brilliance


8-12 years       8:45- 9:45

13-17 years    11:15-12:15

Embark on an exhilarating artistic journey, guided by none other than DEE aka Disciplined1 – a master muralist and mixed media artist. DEE thinks outside the box and believes anything can become a piece of artwork.  He is skilled in bringing out the 'inner artist'.  In this class, students will be taking everyday objects and turning them into original pieces of art.  Trust us, there has never been an art class like this one!

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d work build dream create.jpeg

13-17 years     Wednesday, 8:45-9:45


The CORE4 of life success: vision, relationships, finances, and wellness. This course will empower teens with a powerful vision for the future, assist them in creating deliberate relationships from a place of authenticity and wholeness, help them learn financial strategies to fund their dream life, and teach them to foster personal wellness in the body, mind, and spirit. Teens will learn the foundational skills to dream, plan, and live their best lives.

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13-17 years    Wednesday, 11:15-12:15

This 10-Week course will explore the musical and lyrical techniques and skills that can be utilized to structure songs and create music. Songwriting is a healthy outlet for creativity involving many elements such as storytelling, romance, and life-reflection. In this class, students will write two full length structured songs through collaboration. Topics such as structure and theory for songwriting, prose, dynamics, and more. 

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13-17 years     Wednesday 10:00-11:00

  Do you have an idea that you think could be a great business?  Do you think you have an answer to a ‘first world problem’?  Do you like to think outside the box?  Learn from real life entrepreneurs the what, why, and how entrepreneurship can help you chase your dream, to build a business and live a life full of meaning and purpose.  In this class you will receive practical tools to help you begin your journey.


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13-17 years      Wednesday, 11:15-12:15


Join local poet and showrunner, Jeanette and her Stages, as she uncovers the talent of young writers… all the way to the stage. Students who attend these classes will be welcomed into a safe space for sharing, constructive critique, and mentorship as they build a spoken word piece from the ground up.

Using writing prompts, interactive activities, and engaging lessons, this series of Open Notes will bring students through the entire writing process. From Creative Writing and Memorization to Rhythm and Flow and Performance, Jeanette aims to instill creative drive and confidence in each attendee, with the chance to share their final product on stage.

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